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will return with gusto


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rogue on, my friends and neighbors. OCMDmusic from now til a late lunch on http://radio23.org IM:OCMDmusic

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like a rogue, from now til later on http://radio23.org

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the new (and only) MDHC album is now available at chauncey’s 30th and belly buster’s 45th. it costs $8.

OCMDmusic says buck up, little camper!

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OCMDmusic 081309

today i play the podcast of the MDHC recordings that is/was/will be the album. that will be available soon (as soon as i find ryan muller and ask him the names of the songs), hopefully at chauncey’s surf shop on 30th (30th?) in OCMD. sorry, no hologram on the album cover. but support this project, and maybe next time we will have a hologram. maybe next time we will have a hologram OF YOU!

i’d like to grab some jackmove – a band i caught at DNL‘s blockstock last week. big props to pirate rob for the blockstock event!

i liked the blockstock more than i thought i would (i find the paddock a bit like the old haunted house on the boardwalk, but with neon drinks in test tubes served by oversexed elves), and i loved this band. i found myself mentioning fishbone, who i have seen twice live, once at the brewery in raleigh, and once in portland, at one of those portland places with giant beers that are approximately 20% alcohol.

so jackmove. lets see if the recorded music compares to the live. note: usually it doesn’t. this is why i like recording live, even if i have to say things like ‘lo-fi’, as if that were suddenly cool, and talk about garages, as if i have lived in one, which, of course, i have. got tossed out of one garage, by my best friend, which i don’t understand. who wouldn’t want me living in their garage? i sweep the floors occasionally and often bake pies. go figure.

some local notes: BEWARE OF BITING FLIES. also: do not try to tell me that one fly on your leg is driving you crazy, because i work on assateague and i face legions of insects on a daily basis, and am often grouchy because of it, and because of city people, because they drive up, while i am getting massacred by legions of flies, to ask me why there are so many flies. so maybe you should roll up your windows, city people, and go bug someone else. or go home. and you with the one measly fly on your leg – buck up, little camper, you ain’t seen nothin.

met a local coder, this week, evan light, who was slightly terrified at my national beer commercial in triplicate (link plays music), but i say i am just ahead of my time. anyway, he has a DOS, and although i have forgotten what that stands for, i think we meetup once a month and further general progress towards internet freedom, useability, and quirkiness.

anyhow, this is about the music, and for me it is always about the music, and yes, i will be having a couple of beers here and there, and shoot a little pool. so that’s that, and this is this, which is OCMDmusic:

OCMDmusic (Thurs.11-1pmEST on http://radio23.org)

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OCMDmusic is playing big daddy favorites (Thurs11-1pmEST on http://radio23.org)

OCMDmusic plays big daddy favorites

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today on the OCMDmusic radioshow, i am playing four bands given to me by big daddy, aka the karmic link, aka the good reverend.

we have the magnetic fields (an old PDX favorite of mine), metric, the meat puppets, and a band which is think is called ‘steve malicus and the dicks’. which i could not find online. if you are steve malicus, and/or one of the dicks, my apologies for the lack of link.

so i have been playing all these in my car for about a week, and i like it. good tunes for cruisin. so check your rearview mirror once in a while, and enjoy.

OCMDmusic Thurs. 11-1pmEST on http://radio23.org

ps. big daddy also says to check out the silversun pickups.

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OCMDmusic is having some down time (thurs 11-1pmEST on http://radio23.org)

down time

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well down time is here, and down time is now. down time is this maybe hot tomorrow mid-summer with a blanket.

down time is one stolen day alone in the house. with a dog.

and from here you can hear the selbyville train, and the horn in the evening that calls the people in from pine shore golf.

and from here you can steal some down time. at least today.

good show last week, at the tavern. white tiger and the bed of roses, from wilmington NC. i just grabbed a song of theirs called total unicorn. of course they will never know this, because they will never see this post, because it is myspace.

that link above is to their myspace. myspace is coolly connected (with itself), but boggy. it good for bands, but bands cannot see their insight, insight being page views, referrers, and so on.

facebook is good for all people, again, interconnected without too much regard for the outernet (oops) and relevance is defined by interest. all in the public interest, but there may always be one person looking for one little thing, a little thing only one other person might have, and well, i guess that needs to be found, too.

but enough techstuff. this is a radioshow announcement, not some blogtech:techblog like some people waste their time on.

well, anyway. so i guess.

it’s the regular round-up today, i suppose.

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OCMDmusic brings the heat (thurs. 11-1pmEST on http://radio23.org)